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EPDM Rubber vs PVC Roofing Membrane

Whether you are a business or homeowner looking to install a new flat roof, you have a number of choices to consider: EPDM Rubber, PVC and TPO roofing systems. While all of these membranes are single-ply roofing systems, they are actually very different in their formulations, manufacturing process, durability, longevity and performance. This guide is a detailed comparison between EPDM Rubber which is the cheapest and therefore most commonly used flat roofing system and PVC roofing membrane, which is a premium product that costs more, but offers superior protection.  EPDM ROOFING VS PVC ROOFING What is an EPDM rubber roof?… Read more »

Advantages of PVC Roofing in Residential Applications

Are you looking to install a flat roofing system on your home that will be durable and long lasting? It is no secret that most roofing system options for low-slope homes fail only after 5-7 years of service, and are susceptible to moisture and leaks. The good news is that there is a high quality roofing system that can take care of all these issues for you – a PVC roofing membrane. While PVC roofs have been primarily used in industrial and commercial applications, they are growing in popularity among savvy homeowners who are looking for durability, longevity and energy-efficiency…. Read more »